Yehwadam Pure Brightening Serum

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The Brightening + Anti-aging line from the Yehwadam range is specifically developed to reveal skin's brightness and radiance, leaving skin visibly brighter by improving appearance of pigmentations, dark spots, and dull skin tone. The Faceshop Yehwadam Pure Brightening Serum is a luminous and fresh brightening serum with anti aging formula brightens dull skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation while infusing skin with moisture, leaving skin illuminated, radiant and glowing.


  • Instantly reveals skin's natural glow
  • Soft and fresh finish
  • Intense and lasting moisturizing effect
  • Suitable for Mature Skin
  1. For getting a crystle clear skin
  2. For instant moisturization
  3. For anti-ageing
  4. For skin brightening
  1. After prepping the skin with the toner, take a few drops of the serum onto your palm
  2. Gently pat all over the face till it is absorbed in the skin

Key Ingredients:

  • 7 traditional herbs Pearl
  • White Ginseng
  • Poria Cocos & Atractylodes Macrocephala
  • Cnidium Officinale
  • Honeysuckle
  • Peony berry
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Regular Price ₹4,350 Special Price ₹3,480
20% off
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